Sunday, July 16, 2006

A Short Break From Food

Living in DC is a wonderful experience but sometimes you just get tired of the frenetic pace of the city and really want to get out and explore the countryside a little bit. This weekend my boyfriend, 2 of my housemates and I took a trip out to Capon, West Virginia. One of my housemates' families has a cabin in near Capon that had not been used in several years and we went to check it out.

According to family legend, the cabin's last real inhabitant was a bit crazy and had filled the place with milk jugs and other junk. Apparently, the crazy uncle had even dragged a refrigerator from the cabin and placed it at the top of a hill for reasons only he was able to understand. The uncle had died and the family hadn't really used the cabin since my housemate was very young.

So it was with a sense of adventure that we piled into the car and took the scenic route out to West Virginia, stopping to pick up lunch in Winchester, VA. The drive out there was quite pleasant though a little long. I think it took us about four hours to actually get to the area and find the right gravel driveway. There was no real address, the directions were a little vague, and my housemate did not remember the place since she had last been there when she was two.

We stopped in Winchester to get pick up some lunch
and met some very friendly locals.

But when we finally found the right drive, we also discovered that the cabin, while in need of a thorough cleaning and possibly a new roof was not half bad. The grounds were well maintained and had even recently been mowed. It was right along the river, which was teeming with fish. There was fresh water and electricity on the premises.

Interior of the cabin # 1

Interior of the cabin # 2

We had a leisurely lunch and were able to explore the cabin. Then we enjoyed the water. I got a little fishing in and my housemates enjoyed tubing and splashing around. All in all, if was a great trip.

Exterior of cabin.

Taking some time to enjoy the peaceful surroundings.


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