Sunday, April 23, 2006

Waffle Shop

One of my favorite breakfast places in the city is the Waffle Shop. Locate on 10th St., NW between F and G Streets, this greasy-spoon diner has everything that you would need for a good, hearty, cheap start to the morning. It's a favorite for my housemates after a long night of partying.

The diner itself consists of one long counter where you jockey to find seating. It's always packed with locals and tourists. I've been able to wrangle enough seats for five people together some days and others, it's hard enough to find seating for two people. The menu includes the usual breakfast staples, eggs, toast, grits, home fries, and French toast on weekdays. I highly recommend their waffles and corned beef hash. For those more in the mood for lunch, they have wonderful hamburgers. The Waffle Shop even has a Chinese menu. I've never tried it, though.

I love to go and people watch here.

The waitresses are always very nice.


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