Wednesday, March 08, 2006

An Alternative to Throwing Out Your Christmas Tree

One day at the end of January, I got an email from a friend I hadn't seen in months. She invited me to her Christmas Tree Burning Party. It sounded intriguing and a couple of my roommates and I decided to come - fire extinguisher in hand.

I was definitely envisioning chopping the tree up and building a bonfire in her back yard and roasting marshmellows or something.
It's a little bit harder to pull off a bonfire in DC than other places since the city has a preponderance of town houses all placed close together with very little in the way of yard. But it promised to be an adventure either way.

When we got to my friend's house, she had everything ready: an open-pit, brick barbeque; the Christmas tree all chopped up into pieces; a roaring fire; and a grate for cooking the food. We helped assemble skewers of vegetables and meat and started cooking. This is definitely an option for our Christmas tree next year.


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